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I was the girl who, for years, never had a profile picture without sunglasses on. I was into jewelry, but I've always thought that sunglasses were the best accessory. To me, I immediately looked cooler with some shades on, and it doesn't hurt that shades allow for some Grade A people watching too - a major bonus for someone who counts people watching as a hobby!

Even though I wear sunglasses pretty much every day of the year, it's hard to find shades that are stylish, pass my people watching test, and don't completely break the bank. I don't want to look like I'm trying too hard, and I definitely don't want to actually try too hard! When Warby Parker asked if I'd like to try out some of their pairs, I was all in.

Just so that we're clear, the pairs that I tried on were awesome! Since I can't stop by the NYC or Dallas shops, I took advantage of Warby Parker's Home Try-On program, in which you can order up to five pairs and get them shipped to you for free! You can keep them for five days, try them out all you like, and then send them back with an order for the pair (or pairs!) that you want. Once you find the ones you want, they're only $95 a pair, and Warby has a "buy a pair, give a pair" program so you can feel good while buying yourself a goodie!

The best part? Every pair passed the people watching test with flying colors. I'm a tortoise fan, so I ordered the Everett, Reilly, and Downing pairs in tortoise, but I tried out the Winston pairs in black to change it up a bit! What do you think?

I gotta say, I think the Reilly pair were my favorite! I've always needed sunglasses on the bigger side, so I loved the size, shape, and tortoise print of these!

Sisters in Warby Parker specks - we both loved these pairs!

When I was little I developed an astigmatism and we thought I'd have to wear glasses for the rest of my life. My vision ended up fixing itself (weird, I know!), but I can't help but be jealous of girls who wear cute glasses! I pulled a face in this pic, but I definitely loved putting on a pair of specks that I can wear inside! Maybe I'll just pick up the Preston pair when I move to a new city. No one will know, right? :)

While you're looking, you have to check out their new Warby x Karlie Kloss collection and Architecture for Humanity collection! Both are so cute and donate to great causes.

So, which pair do you think I should get?!

stripe top (on sale!) / earrings

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