DIY Dreaming

In a long list of things I'm too lazy to do, the majority of DIY projects are high on the list. Often times I find really fun projects on Pinterest and end up never getting around to them...because I have to do laundry, or there is a really important (fill in the blank) I have to get to. A few months ago I was given a set of end tables that double as storage units. They need just a bit of love and some spray paint. One of them has been in my bedroom for months, half spray painted. I think that speaks for itself.

But I think I have found the right types of projects for me. As in, not many steps, not many supplies, not much time taken, and relatively small. These are some of the projects that have caught my eye lately, and actually got me to start on a gallery wall that I've been wanting to do forever. Note I am in the process, and not "close to finishing." Baby steps, here.

What do y'all think? Are there any DIY projects y'all are trying?

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