Dianna Agron's Dark Side

I've never been one to obsess over haute couture or anything that I would feel dumb wearing in Columbia, South Carolina. I'm a natural make up, easy to throw on outfit, simple hair kind of girl.

This is not one of those moments.
Dianna Agron, you look incredible.

Congratulations to whoever did your makeup, because damn, girl. You. look. fierce. You have attitude and edge and you look like you live in a tough part of New York City...but in a cool chic way. With lots of expensive clothes, a driver, and a large dog.

Teach me how to wear that lipstick. Teach me how to slick my hair back with no fly aways. Give me those Edie Sedgwick/Twiggy brows. I want it all.

photos via Byrdie
Makeup by Georgie Eisdell
Hair by Jenny Cho
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