Pottery Barn Fall 2013

When I lived in Charleston I lived super close to King Street, Charleston's major shopping and tourist area. I loved being so close to my favorite shops, even though I couldn't afford much at the time. One of my favorite things to do on a nice afternoon after class was to make a stop by Pottery Barn and peruse the newest items. I was in love. If my dorm could have been sponsored and furnished by Pottery Barn, I would have been set.

I got Pottery Barn's Fall 2013 catalog in the mail yesterday and, as always, went more or less googly eyed over every. single. image. Seriously, Pottery Barn, if you need an intern or a new hire next year, let a girl know. This catalog was one part magic and another part heaven. Here are some of my favorite images: 

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If you don't get these catalogs mailed to you, sign up here to get one, check it out online, or stop by any Pottery Barn shop!