I Rock A Lot of Polka Dots

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Can we talk about how relevant this quote is? There are so many times, especially in London where everyone looks serious on the streets and wears neutrals, that I feel like if I wear what I want to wear, or act how I want to act, I won't be taken seriously.

For instance, I have a Lilly Pulitzer planner, stickers and all. At home, no biggie, lots of girls have them. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten snickers and snide comments about being a 5-year old here when I take it out of my bag. So what? I like to put stickers on important dates. I like my colored pens.

I'm worried that when I graduate and get into the real world people are going to pressure me into wearing blacks and neutrals all day. Like, it's a legitimate concern. I don't hate black or navy, but if I have a lavender skirt and it's springtime, sorry black pencil skirt, you're going to spend some time in the closet.

And I'm not changing to an adult-y planner. I like my Lilly.

I know I'll have to grow up to a certain extent (aka, do taxes, call people when I need to talk instead of text, make dentist appointments, etc.), but I'm still young. I'm allowed to like glitter and wear my hot pink duck boots when it's cold outside.

I like singing to myself. I often talk in weird voices for no reason.
Side note: once my sister and I went a whole day talking to each other in only Australian accents.

I would pay a million dollars to anyone who creates glitter that doesn't get everywhere when you use/wear it.
At home, I talk to my cat more every day than I talk to most people.

Does anyone else feel this way? I'm ready to put on my pink polka dot scarf and go get a cupcake.

via tumblr