Anthropologie Displays

Whoever the Visual Coordinator is at Anthropologie, I just want to say bravo...and you absolutely need a raise. Have any of y'all recently been to Anthropologie? My friend and I ran down to the one on Regents Street on Saturday (which, granted, was a huge mistake because even though it was like 5:00 pm, it seems that all of the UK was there) and I was blown away by the greenery growing on the three story wall.

Where else can you go into a store and find exhibits like this? When I went to Chicago for a cousin's wedding last summer there was a cork mural on the wall completely made of dyed wine bottle corks. It was humongous and gorgeous! That sounds like the funnest job on the planet, right?

At home the nearest Anthropologie is an hour and a half away, so I can't go in whenever I want to, but does anyone else have an Anthropologie near them? I think it's even cooler that each location does something different - it shows how much thought goes into each individual store!