If I Had It My Way...

TGIF, y'all! It's been a cold week in London (it snowed yesterday!) and I can't help but miss the weather in South Carolina just a little. I've been stalking the weather forecast and it looks like the high for next Tuesday will hit 50...yay! Cross your fingers that happens!

So while I sit here in my sweater and Uggs, this is what I'm daydreaming of if I had everything my way...

The temperature would be 65 degrees
The sun would be shining
My nails would be painted this color (with no chips, at that)
My hair would look like this
I'd be sitting in Regents Park with friends having a picnic
Eating these 
Sipping on this
And a handsome boy would have just brought me these

necklace, sweater, aviators, denim, satchel, flats

What about y'all? How's your week been? What would you do/wear if you had it your way?
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