I can't quite remember how I found MÛR, I'm sure through Instagram somehow, but it's one of those stores that at all times I have at least five items in my checkout cart. MÛR is a home and lifestyle shop based in Canada and goes by the motto timeless goods for simple living. Doesn't that resonate with you? It kind of reminds me of Cuyana's saying - fewer, better things.

Though I've made an effort to cut way down on unnecessary spending MÛR is practically bookmarked to my browser. I love how curated their product line is, but everything available is both accessible and meant to be used - as in, I won't feel bad if it gets a mark. Or a scratch. Or a knick or a stain. I don't want anything too precious in my house, but their products, especially the brushes and shears and baskets, are both beautiful and utilitarian.

Also if you sign up for their emails you can receive $10 off of your first order. So there's that too!