The past week has been rough - our family dog, my friend of 14 years, died on Thursday. His health hadn't been great for months, but when the day came we all took it hard. I'm lucky to have never experienced a close loss in my life before now, so I've tried to look at this as an opportunity to learn and grow and remember great memories with a sweet, sweet pup.

The hard part about a loss, at least from what I've experienced this week, is keeping the in between moments from being sad. The moments between crying and focusing on doing anything (making lunch, work, showering, etc), so making this post has been a great distraction. My mom and I both agreed that the nice weather recently - the sunshine, warm breeze, blooming flowers - has helped us get out of the house and think about spring coming. With that in mind, I put together this collage, full of light wash denim, pinks, and natural textures. All light and uplifting for a good season to hopefully come.

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