packing for spring in Europe

With less than three weeks until I take off, and given the A- type of Type A that I am, packing for my 10 day Europe trip has me a little scatterbrained lately. I've tried a handful of times to sit down and write a detailed packing list, but each time I get sidetracked or discouraged or frustrated because 10 days' worth of clothes just won't fit into a carry on bag!!!

Sitting down to make this post has made me realize that I may have to check a bag. But maybe I just need to get familiar with rolling vs folding? This list is by no means a final, given that the weather may look more pleasant than I'm expecting (doubtful) or I am more ruthless with my choices than I currently a (also, doubtful), so I'll give an update if all of my things laid out below actually make it across the ocean.


Rounding up my tops options made me realize how boring and monochromatic I am, but everything goes together! It's called a capsule, right? I'm expecting to be chilly, so sweaters are necessary, plus one or two jackets so I don't look like I'm wearing the same thing every day in my pictures. I also had to add some ~variety~ to my otherwise gray and black wardrobe with a navy silk blouse and plum crew neck sweater. I'm a woman of vast fashion choices.


Bottoms weren't too difficult to choose - my favorite cropped but not too suffocating jeans, another black pair to shake it up, and my favorite thick leggings for both sleep and traveling (and no VPL, PTL).


J Crew Macalister wedge booties (old, similar)

Honestly I'm still struggling with shoe choices. I always overpack shoes thinking that I'll wear them all, but I usually gravitate toward one or two options. I'm so glad sneakers are still a thing because I'll never travel without them again. For that, I'm tessalating between my Adidases and Nikes - any thoughts? For rainy days I'm thinking I'll bring my LR rain booties, but maybe I can just bring an umbrella and hold off on the booties? Walkable wedges for a nicer, dinner option.


Again, simple with the bags to save room. I really want to bring my DSLR camera on this trip to force myself to take really nice pictures (that I'll maybe hang in my house?), so the Ona camera organizer was suggested to me by Danielle! Wish me luck.


I pride myself on having a super low key makeup/skincare/beauty ritual. I don't spend much time on eyeshadow, can never bother with lipstick, and literally have never put on blush. It's all too much. That was what I thought until I put this group together. I really had to narrow down my (mostly skincare) products for this trip - I was even considering doing a whole sheet face mask on the trans-Atlantic flight, to the horror of my mother, but decided on a smaller eye mask instead after reading this article. For the most part I blame Into the Gloss and Glossier for my beauty choices. I've already thought of three new products to bring (because who doesn't want a cat eye in Paris?!).