The Wing

Right before finals week my senior year of college I got invited to interview with a PR agency in New York City. I'd been planning on moving to a bigger city after graduating, so the idea of moving to the city was exhilarating - the culture, the opportunities, and creative energy - all things I wasn't getting in Columbia, South Carolina.

Eventually I got the job offer, but I didn't take it for a number of reasons. Since starting my current agency job I haven't regretted turning that opportunity down, but seeing these photos of The Wing in New York City make me miss the potential of moving to New York City. Being surrounded by passionate professionals from all industries, backgrounds, and, in this case, an environment that's both creatively inspiring and straight up c o o l!

I like being able to decorate my own cubicle, so I'm not one of those anti-cubicle ultra-creatives, but wouldn't you love to look around an office and see that art? Those chairs? All of those colors?? All the textures - light (almost unfinished) wood floors, pink velvet chairs, brass fixtures, tweed and linen pillows, make me want to fly to NYC just to work remotely!

Read more about The Wing and its founders, Audrey Gelman and Lauren Kassan in this feature by Domino. And then follow their Instagram because it's all kinds of beautiful and inspiring.