snow day

We made it! The first week of 2017 - done. I spent this week battling a cold, but now that it's passing Columbia is getting its first snow in two years! To be clear - the snow we will get is slushy and icy, and only about an inch-worth, but it's still reason for celebration!

I'm excited to have an excuse to do nothing for the weekend since I got a good bit done during my Christmas break (see: painted four doors, installed hooks, hung art, etc). Now, I plan on reading this book, painting my nails, and watching a Harry Potter marathon. This will also be the first time Mo has ever seen snow, and given his affinity for leaf piles I have a feeling he'll be thrilled with whatever snow we receive. :)

While I'd like to pretend I'll relax in thick sweaters and fancy athleisure pieces, the outfit above is purely aspirational, especially the dreammyyyyy velvet rose Joie Adiel mules. Paired with a dark green chunky knit? Yesssss. Instead I'll be lounging in my favorite Target joggers.

Happy Friday!

sweater | silk track pants | velvet mules |  | watch | rgb oxblood nail polish (similar)