for the record

This weekend was thrilling and scary and exciting and nerve-wracking. There were so many emotions between the intense darks during Friday's inauguration to the super highs on Saturday with the Women's March, and they were all jumbled. I was so proud to be a woman and to be surrounded by so many smart, dedicated, driven women who find their rights worth fighting for.

As a blogger, or just a person on the internet, talking about politics, even ones that seem so straight forward, can be daunting. I was pleasantly (awesomely?) surprised by how many bloggers I follow who stood up and either went to local marches themselves or voiced their support, inviting conversation from followers who agreed and also people who disagreed. This is a kind of nothing post, but I wanted to recognize the bloggers who put their necks out on the line and decided that using their voices to stand for what they believed in, and inviting respectful conversation about serious issues, is more important than follower numbers or keeping everyone happy.

I'll be sure to add to the list as I see/remember, and feel free to give a shout out to your faves in the comments!

Thanks, ladies :)

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