2017 is a year that I've both dreaded and anxiously waited for. On top of all of the crap that 2016 threw at us I'm cautious about what 2017 will bring. It can't be worse? Maybe? Hopefully?

But last year really wasn't all bad. In 2016 I grew into my first job, traveled, got a dog (!!!!!), moved, used Amazon Prime A LOT, took risks, and readjusted my expectations. I was kinder to myself than I had been in years past - something that took effort and focus, especially since anxiety comes easily to me. I read more books this year than in 2015 (including 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5), but not as much as I'd liked to have. From a financial front I didn't save as much as I'd wanted to, but I'm working on it in 2017!

This year I've decided not to write resolutions for myself, but my sister and I joked that my overarching goal should be just to do better. Better is always the goal, but I can't expect to do equally "better" in all areas - health, work, social media, friend time, reading, travel, exercise, decorating, time management, work, writing, budgeting, family life... anyone would go crazy at that prospect. Instead, I'll let the year take me where I'll go. If I do more traveling this year, but don't write as much, that's okay. If I get better at budgeting, but I don't decorate my house as much as I want to, even better.

On page 2 of 365, I'm ready. Let's do this!

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