My birthday is much later than the rest of my friends' - most my age are minimum six months older than me, so by the time my birthday comes around I've felt my new age for a while. I've mentally been 24 for a while, but I still do think about what a milestone it is. There aren't any songs written about being 24 (like there are about 18, 19, 21, 22, etc), but it's a big year for me.

At 24 I'm solidly employed. Not I recently got this job type of employed. I feel comfortable in a working environment, which may not seem like much, but given that most of anyone's life up to this point has been a classroom, it's comforting.

I live by myself, with my own dog, in my own apartment. It feels so good to write that out, despite living this way for some time now. I decorate my apartment with things I like. I take my dog to the vet. I just bought a couch. It's fun to wake up in the morning, look around, and think that I've made everything around me happen. Not to sound cocky, but I'm proud of that.

At 24 I'm solidly in my mid-20s. I'm far enough away from college that I don't miss the classes and exams and papers, though there are plenty of times I miss having nothing to do at 2:00 on a Wednesday. I'm far enough away from 30 to feel comfortable (though I know it's coming), but I'm also keenly aware of how far distanced I am from being a teenager. My idea of "young" has changed drastically.

Relationship-wise, I feel like "the single friend." Plenty of people I knew in college and high school have gotten married (on purpose!!) or are in long-term relationships, but I don't feel the pressure to find anyone and settle down. I can tell that inclination will get stronger, but for now I don't have a strong desire to hitch myself to anyone's wagon permanently. Not dragging anyone who is or wants to, but for me, I'm happy where I am.

On that note, I woke up this morning in Beaufort, surrounded by ocean air and palmetto trees, so 24 is nothing to complain about :)

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