It's been a while since I've posted regularly, or written about what's going on in my life, so I figured I'd spill it all out here! I miss blogging, but work, a pup, and travels have gotten life a bit hectic - still trying to figure out how to balance it all. I hope everyone has been having a great July! Summer, to me, always is the season to get through. Unlike my southern friends, I wasn't made for the heat, let alone 90 - 100 temps every day for months. Luckily, my birthday is next week, which is something to look forward to in between the humidity and sun!

Lately, I've been...

eating: not sure how I haven't had it before, but the white cheddar Skinny Pop is making my l i f e!

creating: new social and marketing ideas for creative freelance clients. So fun, but definitely taking my creative juices away from the blog!

reading: all about the election... so much. kind of tired of it?

shopping: the Nordstrom sale! My bloglovin' feed has been inundated with updates and product round ups and I told myself I wouldn't shop it. But then I saw this... and this. #whoops

adding: a new gray sofa! I had a gross old couch the the first year I lived in my apartment, and it was way past time to update it. I bought the thing off of Craigslist (woo!), and it's amazing how one piece of furniture can upgrade a living room. It looks like this, but with a much lower price tag. May also be adding pretty pegs and pillows to follow...

making plans for: a DC trip! a friend of mine is starting his MBA classes in August at George Washington University, so i've planned a trip to visit later in the month. If anyone has tips or recommendations for places to go, I'm all ears! The last time I went was 2006 (in 8th grade!), so I can't wait!

drooling over: anything and everything Madewell. I used to think I was a J Crew girl through and through, but the times they are a changing.

listening to: Blink-182's new album. My heart misses Tom Delonge, but my ears love the new music!

laughing at: this instagram account I found after Brooke's Lately post. Why can't I be that funny?

loving on: Mo! I've had him for over two months now, and he's been the best pup I could've asked for! He's eased in to our routine so well and we've definitely found our groove. For the first month he woke up around 6:30 every morning and would bug me until I took him for a walk. Now he's calmed down and will sometimes let me sleep in until 8:30. Glorious!

jealous of: my parents' vacation to Big Sky, Montana to visit my aunt. I've never been to that part of the country, but after seeing their pictures I'm bugging my mom to go again next year! Here's hoping.

finding: so many great instagram accounts. I follow this one, this, and this one religiously. Also this and this too. :)

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