The Line concept store

Though I've never visited the vast majority of the Northeast, I always imagine that I'd love it. Cool weather, historic towns, and classic beaches (with old lighthouses!) sound ideal compared to the stifling heat that takes over South Carolina on June 1.  The Line's new concept store in Amagansett, NY is just another reason on the list to road trip up north.

Growing up in the south, I have a nostalgic appreciation for coastal interiors. The way The Line married its coastal accents (the natural wood beams! the wicker chairs! the palm plants!) and streamlined, modern furniture and decor is the stuff of dreams. Take a look...


Give. Me. That. Bedroom! And the mismatched framed art above the bed? I'd never think of it, but it works.

Anybody want to join me on the trip? Amagansett 2016!


Until we can drive to the beach, barricade ourselves in the store, and permanently move in, shop similar looks:

Images via The Line