Hello Mo!

Life post-Chicago trip (more to come later!) has been crazy, mostly because of this guy! Introducing the newest addition to my little family, Mo!

After adopting and then surrendering Ander earlier this year I was terrified of adopting another pup. I put the search on hold for a few months, but in April I started stalking Columbia's local shelter websites and Petfinder.com for any basset mixes. Luckily I expanded my search outside of Columbia, because I found Mo on Petfinder from a shelter in North Augusta! I called the shelter, set a meet date, and asked a milllllllion questions over the phone before visiting. I'm surprised they didn't hang up on me! I was SO nervous about making another mistake - I couldn't help it!

With Mo, timing definitely wasn't on my side. When I first met him I loved him immediately, but my Chicago trip was only two weeks away. Lucky for me, the women who run the shelter were the best and agreed to keep him until I could pick him up! That gave me plenty of time to dog-proof my house, find healthy food (I feed him this chicken and sweet potato food!), and yummy treats and toys.

Mo came home with me on Friday the 13th, but I've been everything but unlucky since then! He's fit into our home perfectly - he has bursts of energy throughout the day but is otherwise super calm, sweet, and friendly. He is 2 or 3 years old(ish) so he's solidly done with his puppy phase, and his favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the couch and watch tv!

It's been an adjustment waking up at 7:00 in the morning (I was spoiled and usually woke up around 8:00 before him), but seeing his smiling face in the morning is motivation enough! I've also found out some of his weird habits - like he is terrified of fly swatters and won't walk on grass if it's wet. He also likes the healthy dog food more than unhealthy, which is great for both of us!

Life couldn't be better with him snuggling by my side :) If you'd like to follow along, he's on Instagram @hellolittlemo!