down to the tennis court

Happy Humpday! Next week is the tennis tournament formerly known as the Family Circle Cup (now the Volvo Car Open - cue massive eye roll), and I'm planning on a day trip to Daniel Island to check out the action! I haven't been to the Cup in years, so it'll be fun to take a little trip to enjoy the spring weather, see great tennis, and maybe catch a glimpse of the Williams sisters.

Spring and summer are prime tennis playing and watching season - anytime on the weekend in the spring, or in the evenings during the summer, when the afternoons are way too hot and humid to enjoy. I've never been to a major slam event, but these smaller events are nice because they don't seem as out of control. At the Family Circle Cup Charleston's laid back vibe spills over onto the courts and into the stands, where you can sip on cocktails and meander around the small games before venturing into the main court. I'm hoping that our cooler spring weather stays for next week, so i'll plan on wearing this striped top and my new sandals.