march madness

I started this post as a product roundup as usual, but as I edited I realized that it was more than my normal post. I don't own anything in this collage (healthy, fancy life with cucumber slices included), but I desperately want all of it. In fact, I look at all of these products at least once a day, just to check if they've gone on sale - they haven't.

This collage is ultimately a pile of things that make me feel bad about myself. I shop them over and over again, having halfway memorized the route to the product pages on their retailers' websites, only to feel worse when I can't afford to click the Add To Bag button. When I see other bloggers with the same things, it brings me down knowing that I could/my house could look as nice. I have the same taste, so I must not be as successful, or produce as strong content, etc etc etc.

After I put together the collage (which I love, and still waaaaaaant, by the way), I realized how dumb it is to feel so down on myself over THINGS. If I let myself feel bad over a $149 - albeit cool - planter, then I need to make a change in my life. I need to figure out how to enjoy things without letting them affect my self worth.

So to get to the point of this spiel - if you want to get rid of the feeling that you're not good enough or your life will be complete after you buy certain things, put the objects in a collage, look at the collage, and realize that your life is worth so much more than the things you just Photoshopped. You will feel better.

Happy Thursday!

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