finally friday

I wish I could say I had solidified plans for this weekend, but per usual my weekend looks unruly and unplanned, which is not the worst way to spend two days. I'll most likely be hanging around town and taking care of my new swiss cheese plant (apparently that's what they're called??). I visited Lowe's to buy a snake plant because they're supposedly indestructible, but couldn't find what I'd hoped for. It hasn't found its permanent home in my house yet, but maybe that's in the cards for this weekend.

In other news:

It's been half miserable and super windy this week, which is making me want spring and summer to hurry faster!

My tv extraordinaire friend turned me on to Superstore, and while I'd seen commercials for it, the show definitely surpasses my expectations!

I love reading, but haven't read much lately after finishing Mindy Kaling's latest book. I might dive into this one since Gone Girl was so good.

This week I finally booked my flight to visit May in Chicago! Lanie and I are visiting for four days in early May, so I'm hoping it'll be warm-ish. I've been to Chicago twice, but haven't had this much time to explore, so any recommendations are welcome!

Song for the weekend

Do You Remember - Jack Johnson

Because when are you not online shopping?

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