parisian apartment

I normally love going all out around Christmas - holiday decor, allllll the wine, and gifts on gifts on gifts for my family and friends. This year has been different for a few reasons - I'm still knee-deep in the chaos of moving (a month ago...), but mostly it's because I'm saving up to go on a trip next year to visit a few friends. One of the highlights of the trip, which is still in the works, is a few days in Paris! I haven't been in almost ten years (!!!) so my excitement is at an all-time high!

If anyone has tips, ideas, or must-sees for my few days in Paris next year, hit me up! Message me! Comment below! DM me! Send a carrier pigeon! 

Last week I came across the apartment tour of Morgane Sézalory, clothing brand Sézane's founder, on one of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo. I think I left my mouth open the entire time I read the post! I'm not bold enough to do a jungle-themed wallpaper, but Morgane's apartment is so, so dreamy - much like her clothing line. Each room full of rich jewel toned pillows, streamlined leather furniture, light wood floors, and antiques. Seeing her art leaning against the wall instead of precisely hanged also validates my leaving art un-hanged, though mine is mostly out of laziness (versus her assuredly chic and cool reasons). Click through to ogle your way through her apartment!

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