the move

Life update: I'm moving.

bathroom globe light

To be clear, the move is exactly a block and a half away from where I currently reside, but it's a move nonetheless. The organizing, packing, and logistics of a move still apply to this scenario - and they're all a pain.

However! I'm so excited to move to the new humble abode. New benefits include:

A backyard (for Mo)!

Bigger kitchen - including three times my current storage, counter space, and a bigger refrigerator!

A bigger bathroom (with hexagon tile floors)!

Central heat and A/C!

A cool-ass mailbox!

No longer living on a busy corner - rejoice!

All. White. Walls!

The list could go on, really. I didn't even include the updated stove, the dishwasher (!!!), and washer/dryer that live in the hallway leading to the bedrooms instead of inside one of the actual bedrooms.

Mo is stoked.

Before moving I've been, with the permission of my incredible landlord, painting the kitchen, purchasing new light fixtures, and updating window treatments. Have I mentioned how cool he is? Also - he's a landscape architect. This weekend is all hands on deck, so let's hope that everything goes smoothly. Will update accordingly, or to follow the madness real time, my snapchat will be on fire, @emilyalott. See Instagram for pretty pictures that will not include: boxes, piles, filth, or gross ponytails.

bathroom globe sconce found here

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