thanksgiving 2016

I've mentioned it before on this blog, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. To me, it's a part of the Christmas season, like a big celebration before the holiday madness begins - the carols, the shopping, the parties, the logistics. At last year's Thanksgiving we had two turkeys (to test two different recipes), and everyone enjoyed the outdoors. We played games outside and went for walks and played music on the porch. This year I'll bring Mo, and I'm so excited to add memories of him running outside and smelling the marsh and hanging out with my cousins' kids.

BUT, before the good can begin, the planning.

Our family Thanksgivings are somewhat casual. I think I'll wear this jacket (similar), a light sweater, and these shoes. I've wanted to wear these booties, but given that my cousins are all much shorter than me I want to avoid looking like a giant in pictures!

I'll also bring a TBD bottle of wine from this guide and remember this advice from Joanna Goddard when serving.

This Thanksgiving menu quiz is so fun, but I'm making this recipe for our office Friendsgiving. Maybe I'll bring it to the family's dinner if reviews are good enough! Otherwise, the quiz has plenty of recipes to choose from :)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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