hair update: the lob

Ah, the lob. The universally flattering, still-scary cut that's plagued/graced Pinterest like a wrecking ball. You literally can't pin a thick sweater/skinny jean ensemble without accidentally hitting a lob pin. LITERALLY.

Earlier this year I began my mental dance with the lob, which, when you think about it, is a pretty ridiculous name. Let's be clear - we're talking about a middle-length haircut. But the middle of the road has never been so appealing AND terrifying in my book.

I'm not one to take big chances or risks, especially when it comes to my appearance. I stick to the classics; my hair tessellates between straight and somewhat wavy, and my nails stay in the range of light pink during spring to greige neutrals in the fall. For a cut that has been proven to look good on pretty much everyone, I bullied myself for months to actually get the cut. Make the change! By summer my hair had reached about mid-boob length, the longest it had ever been. And I liked having long hair, but it clearly was not meant to be that long. The word stringy came to mind long before 'luscious' would. 'Voluminous' and 'styled' were even further behind. The length just wasn't working, not to mention my previous "trim" visits to Hair Cuttery (for shame) weren't really panning out in my favor either.

So off to the salon I scurried. Making an appointment with a new hairdresser is always somewhat daunting, especially when you walk in and say pretty much verbatim, "I don't know what I want, I like these pictures, please don't cut my hair much above my collar bone." But there I was, and with one swift cut, PRE-shampoo I might add, half of my hair was gone. It was one part dramatic and scary, one part liberating. After that, and after almost berating me for using Pantete (oops), my new best friend Daniel worked his magic, and I left with soft waves and about six fewer inches of hair. 

Though styling it by myself every morning has been a bit more than a challenge (say what, Emily?), and I'm still getting used to a number of hair pins and clips when I put it in a ponytail, my new cut is growing on me! I'll let you know when I find the perfect (alcohol free!) styling products to do my 'do!

Have you wanted to make a big hair change recently? Thought about a lob?

*images via Pinterest