autumn 2015

fall 2015

Though fall is almost over I'm still holding onto it until after Thanksgiving. It seems like November always passes too quickly, but I'll take what I can get! How has your autumn been? Anything fun?

If you feel so inclined, answer these questions in the comments for me to read! I miss these little chats, don't you? Here's a catch up of what I've been doing over the past few blog-less weeks:

Eating / two words: cauliflower soup. yum!

Drinking / warm tea and hot coffee.

Practicing / more patience, self discipline.

Mastering / how to style my lob. After two months with it, it's still not as easy as it looks.

Learning / how to balance travel and home life. I want to travel every weekend!

Trying / to separate work and home life.

Playing / ben rector's new album, all of bear's den, and throwing back to vampire weekend. One Direction and the new Biebs album may also be on this list.

Finishing / season 2 of Sex and the City. I've been rewatching the series from the beginning!

Reading / I've finished this book, and this one, now thinking about this.

Remembering / to stop and take care of myself regularly.

Wearing / jeans, fuzzy socks, and sweaters. all day, every day.

Cooking / my favorite: pasta, spinach, and mushrooms with a little sriracha on top.

Working / all the time. I'm kind of looking forward to creating some boundaries.

Traveling / I've visited Atlanta, Edisto and Richmond this fall, now I can't wait for Thanksgiving in Beaufort.

Wanting / to slow down and take in the holidays without rush or pressure.

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