Fitness vibes: Outdoor Voices

Like most people, my passion for fitness waxes and wanes... a lot. Since South Carolina summers can get so miserably hot (read: 100+ temps on the reg), I get more couch potato-like as June, July, and August go. I think this summer I've run a total of 10 miles. Total. It's just impossible. From the inevitable (and necessary) frozen yogurt runs I've made a bad habit of not working out and not eating the best, so I'm excited for fall to come, slow as it may be.

I tend to get more active in the fall anyway. A nice breeze makes its way through the south and my workouts generally end in sore muscles and a feeling of self-empowerment instead of misery and buckets of sweat. Starting in August I took my first Barre3 classes, and while I'm not a convert just yet, I've really enjoyed myself! The workouts aren't terribly overwhelming since the movements aren't overly complicated, everyone is friendly, and the changes in pace keep class from being boring. From staring at the mirror in class I've realized that my oversized t shirt (#college) and leggings look straight up frumpy. My workout clothes take "effortless" in a different direction than I thought they would, and I'd like to change it.

Outdoor Voices seems like the coolest non-Lululemon way to change that up without being overly "fashion-y." I've never wanted to look like I put a lot of thought into my workout clothes, especially since the point is to get them sweaty every time. Putting more effort into exercising than my outfit is something I try to emulate, and the Outdoor Voices pieces seem to have that down, especially with their minimalist and cool silhouettes. That, and they get my #initforthesmoothie mentality (scroll down to see their collaboration with Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller)!

I'm feeling their graphic leggingshigh neck tank, and catch-me-if-you-can hoodie. And Lena Dunham does too!

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