If you love your rug, get a rug pad

When I moved last month I was excited about the new space, being closer to work, etc...but I was mostly excited about decorating. Lighting, furniture, art - you name it, I was all over it. Since I have hardwood floors I knew that I'd need to get a rug for my living room, and since every interior design blog (apparently?) says to invest in a good rug, I set aside my funds...

I casually browsed Lulu & Georgia (every. single. day.) and found this one, which fit all of my requirements! It wasn't too bold, its one part beachy, and super casual. Once it came in the mail I could hardly wait to put it down, let alone buy a rug pad - one of those important home things I assumed adults with higher incomes get to protect their floors. Not anymore, y'all.

I never thought I would write about rug pads, but I'm so glad that I finally got one. I can be somewhat (super) clumsy, so within my first few weeks I tripped on the corners of my rug at least once a day, each time jilting the rug a bit so it sat diagonally in the room. When Rug Pad USA contacted me, I didn't know anything about rug pads (like there are types? Who knew!), but they set me up with a premium-lock pad meant for hardwood floors. Since I still didn't want design to be compromised, they also offered to cut the pad just a bit so it definitely wouldn't show from under the rug. Win-win.

The pad is super thin so my rug isn't weirdly hovering above the floors, which was one of my concerns. It also keeps my Lulu & Georgia rug from accidentally dying the floors or getting frayed too, and since I may be too emotionally attached to it I'm definitely willing to have a solid, eco-friendly rug pad to protect it.

After practically drowning my house in chemicals thanks to roachgate 2k15, I was Pleasantly surprised (capital P) that the pad sent to me was made of natural materials and odor-free. At least one thing here is!

I was gifted a product from Rug Pad USA, but all opinions are my own! I seriously do get excited about these things.