I feel you, Anthropologie

Sometimes you find a brand and it fits you just right. That's how I felt when I found Everlane not too long ago. I've only recently rediscovered Anthropologie, though not from a lack of visits. I actually go to the shop a lot, seeing as it was only a five minute drive from my house - and next to the grocery store, no less. How could I not make my bi-weekly trips in? When I visited, though, it was always to peruse the little knick knacks and accessories, the pillows and towels. I didn't really take a good look at the clothes, mostly because I never wanted to buy a $100 tank top.

But y'all. I've changed my ways.

Thanks to Everlane I have basics down pat, which means it's time to up the ante a bit. My closet is missing special pieces, like delicate tops, intricate fabrics, and unique colors. Basically, it's missing Anthropologie. Just this week while I was online shopping for interior furniture/decor (surprise?) I perused the Anthro website and rediscovered their awesomely unique clothes. I'm alllllllll in. I spiritually identify with this tunic. What about you?

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