real life: bug edition

Want to know what my world looks like at the moment? Life hasn't been glamorous the past week, with cicadas (in the THOUSANDS, people), a cockroach infestation, travel, moving (STILL), and work. Not to be dramatic - life hasn't been miserable 24/7, not by any means, but when bugs attack they attack hard. Clearly.

I've ordered sprays, baits, and set off two bug bombs in my house, and as someone who isn't a fan of bugs, it's become a bit overwhelming. I haven't blogged because I've literally just been focusing on bug anxiety. Not a good reason, but my reason nonetheless.

So here's hoping that the bombs worked! In addition to de-bugging the house, I've also added a few awesome pieces of furniture and art that I can't wait to share! Maybe someday I'll get my life together...