Interior inspiration

Hi out there! Glad I could join you at least once this week. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@emilyalott) you'll know that I began moving a few days ago. One good thing about moving into a house that 1: doesn't have current tenants and 2: is in your home city, is that you can space out the moving process over a few days. Another thing I was blessed with was a relatively lax landlord who is letting me paint the hearing aid colored walls white! I'm so happy to have a light, airy space of my own but oh my god y'all, painting takes forever. At least two coats of paint for rolled areas and three, if not four, coats for brushed edges. I still have two walls left of my bedroom to go, but if I don't have to paint again for ten years it will be too soon. Hello, my name is over it.

I feel like a Post Office currently, with more than my fair share of apartment accoutrements flooding in, whether it's a coffee table (tomorrow, yay!), prints, rugs, baskets, etc. Now if only the internet would get set up in the new house I'd be set! Come on, Time Warner Cable, let's both agree to be reliable just this one time.

As for now, between planning, painting, and packing, I've also been pinning my heart out for dΓ©cor inspiration. I love white with punches of cool blues, greens, and purples, so hopefully I'll be able to make that vision (whatever it is other than that annoyingly vague) happen! Enjoy my favorites below. 

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