Do you have a favorite poem?

In high school I joined a creative writing magnet program, where we spent our classes writing and reading and discussing our favorite poems and short stories. I can't say I was very good at it, but I've always enjoyed writing, and those classes helped me hone my writing and analytical skills. Since graduating high school (and subsequently, college) I haven't spent much time keeping up with poets I used to adore, though from time to time I still look them up online to read them over.

Yesterday I found a poem I hadn't read before, but it's become one of my favorites, as quickly as that sounds. I haven't found a piece that I really liked in a long time, so that excites me too.

Do you have a favorite poem? Or what about favorite lyrics or lines?

At a Window by Carl Sandburg

Give me hunger,
O you gods that sit and give
The world its orders.
Give me hunger, pain and want,
Shut me out with shame and failure
From your doors of gold and fame,
Give me your shabbiest, weariest hunger!

But leave me a little love,
A voice to speak to me in the day end,
A hand to touch me in the dark room
Breaking the long loneliness.
In the dusk of day-shapes
Blurring the sunset,
One little wandering, western star
Thrust out from the changing shores of shadow.
Let me go to the window,
Watch there the day-shapes of dusk
And wait and know the coming
Of a little love.

image via Death To The Stock Photo