How to remember people's names

Raise your hand if you're completely guilty of forgetting someone's name as soon as they introduce themselves. I have a few bad habits, but forgetting names is definitely one of my worst. Luckily, I've picked up a couple of tips over the past few years of networking that help save me in those awful situations.

Number one, when you first meet someone, say their name back to them. It might seem obvious, but it really helps your memory to say it out loud instead of just internally. So when someone says say "Hi, my name is Jane," make sure to respond,

"Hi, I'm Emily. It's nice to meet you Jane!"

If I remember to do that at the very beginning, I'm much more likely to remember the person's name, since I'm very much an auditory learner!

Since I don't always remember to repeat the person's name (or worse, if I didn't hear properly and didn't ask again!), another tip I've learned is to ask, "Sorry, what is your name?" later on in the conversation. It might seem like an obvious question, but when the person tells you her first name, "My name is Jane!" you cleverly get to say,

"Oh, I'm sorry, I meant your last name!"

That way you will have both their first and last name! Take the opportunity to repeat it to yourself or write it down in your phone so you remember. You'll have to make up an excuse for why you wanted their last name, but think of that beforehand and they'll be none the wiser!

Do you have any tips for remembering peoples' names?

*Image by Tommy Ton

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