summer essentials

With temperatures reaching up and into the 100s already, I think it's safe to say that I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed by summer. I'm ready for a vacation like, yesterday, preferably to somewhere warm and tropical, but definitely not hot

When the ladies from The B Bar asked bloggers to share their summer essentials, I knew exactly what to write about. Since weekend adventures down to Charleston and other places along the coast keep me sane from June - September, my essentials boil down to what is best for my kind of traveling. I practically drink Neutrogena sunscreen on days out - just ask Lanie! I pair all of that sunscreen with my panama hat to protect my skin on a day out, so no skin cancer for me please! Definite must-haves in my book. I also live in strappy sandals that can go from day to night, so these from Madewell are perfect!

As for the hanging chair, don't you think you need it? I could see myself spending a lot of time in that chair, doing essential things like taking naps, reading, or staring out on the water (because obviously I would be on the water).

Maybe an odd addition when you first think about it, but Annie convinced me to buy this salt a while back, and I'm beyond glad I did! Normally you'd use this salt for baking or cooking, but I've been using it recently to line my margarita glass rims, since I like my margs extra salty - it's amazing!

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