Básico | Charleston, SC

If you've wondered what's to blame for my blogger absenteeism over the past week, blame the oral surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth last week. I blame him for that and for making me subsist (until recently) on ice cream and yogurt. That part may sound fun to begin with, but after having had an amazing meal at Básico last weekend with Lanie, Annie, and May, I'm craving food that is a little more...adventurous.

If you could imagine a Mexican restaurant made purely for brunch and Instagram, you'd have Básico. I'm so glad that Annie suggested the stop, since I never would have known it existed - it's relatively far from my normal Charleston haunts (it's in North Charleston), but definitely worth the trip!

After a gaping "oh my god" exchange between Lanie and I - neither of us had ever been - we quickly got to gabbing over the menu with May and Annie. We all split a heaping bowl of guacamole and chips before ordering our drinks. It was brunch, but our mindsets were #its1oclocksomewhere, so I ordered my go-to - a classic margarita. I didn't realize it until later, but Básico has a spicy grapefruit margarita on the menu that I would have killed to try! I figure this just gives me an excuse to go back, because for how good my marg was, I bet the grapefruit one is killer.

We all took our respective Instagram shots, organized and reorganized the plates and drinks, and chowed down! Everything on the menu looked delicious, but I picked out a fish taco and a mushroom taco - both fantastic. If I hadn't been as stuffed I would have also ordered their chilled bean salad too. Yummmmm...

If you ever find yourself wanting to try something different in Charleston (and with a car available), I'd definitely suggest Básico! It was a bit rainy the day we went, but they have adorable seating outside and the best view out to several small shops that are great for post-meal perusing too.

Who knows - you may even get to see a pro instagrammer in her natural habitat :)