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swell caroline

Since I've been doing close to nothing for the past week (thanks again, wisdom teeth and dry sockets), I've spent some time fawning over my newest hauls.

When you shop there are always those items you need, the ones you want (but really know you shouldn't), and the ones that you pick up and surprise you. My favorites are the items that I had to have as soon as I saw them. And they are all they're cracked up to be.

I've worn this Swell Caroline tassel necklace (c/o) more than I should have over the past two weeks - my coworkers probably think I don't own any other necklaces! It's cute, but doesn't look like it's trying too hard. It also keeps peoples eyes away from my somewhat swollen jaw. Win-win. I'm seriously thinking about picking up another one (...or two) in black and pink! They have a lot of other cute monogram pieces too, so I may go with this or this.

These shorts are THE. BEST. Since they're technically supposed to be loungewear - don't tell anyone - they're super soft and relaxed. And who could say no to palm prints and pom pom shorts? I mean really? Once again, Target, my love.

These sandals are my first pair of Madewell shoes, and I'm hooked. They're beyond comfortable and the pattern is organic and super cool, especially since it's made of calf hair instead of printed on leather. If only I could wear them every day!

Is there anything you've been wearing two, three times in a row?