Time for a check in!

This weekend was so full of friends and sun, and I'm really proud of myself for not getting a sunburn. Queen of the fair skinned Irish/English over here had to put on sunscreen every 45 minutes while laying out at Sullivan's Island (with Annie and Lanie!), but my skin is happy! Shout out to this hat for keeping me ever pale.

Saturday, we broke up our time on the beach with lunch at Cafe Medley for a few açai bowls. Before then I had generally heard rave reviews, but now I totally get it. Açai bowls forever, y'all. I put a trip to Whole Foods on my weekly to-do list because I have to have another one ASAP.

I didn't take any photos, but we also had dinner at Taco Boy Saturday night, where we had the best waitress! Good service is seriously, seriously underrated. Lanie, Annie, and I were talking about our waitress the next day because she was so great! Is it weird we kind of wanted to be best friends with her? PS - I ordered a chicken quesadilla and margarita and both were amazing!

Sunday morning Lanie and a few of our friends headed over to Folly Beach (with everyone else in South Carolina!) and made a first stop at the Black Magic Cafe where I had the perfect breakfast smoothie. Mason jar? Check. Sun, trees, and brightly painted fences? Check, check, and check. We ate slowly, oohed and ahed over puppies, and laughed a lot. The perfect way to spend the morning before heading back home! Is it the weekend yet?