Must-try summer cocktails

I am not a dark liquor type of person. Give me a light drink, chop up a few pieces of fruit, and I'm a happy lady, so you can imagine how excited I am when summer rolls around! I've had these cocktails pinned to my Pinterest page for a while (surprise, surprise), but I want to finally give them a go this summer. I love kiwi, but it's not the first fruit I'd think of to put in a drink, so I'm excited to try this kiwi caprikosa recipe. Grapefruit is my go-to breakfast/snack/anything, so a grapefruit sangria sounds like my idea of heaven! And there's no going wrong with a tried and true margarita in my mind, and the st germain mint margarita sounds like a cool mix. I like mojitos, so I'm imagining it's like a mojito + margarita had a baby? We'll find out!

Give me all the drinks! Mom - I promise I won't try all of these drinks in one night. :)

What are your favorite summer cocktails to make? Or any specialty cocktails to order?