23 things I've learned by 23

A year ago I graduated from college, and though that literally gives me no place to lecture, I feel like I've learned so much in just a year. We all go through growth spurts in life, and the year after getting out of school is definitely an important one. I've had some awesome surprises and some not-so-great problems, but I dealt with them all and kept moving, which I'm proud of. After reading this letter to her 20 year-old self from Garance Doré (definitely a great read), I thought of how I would remember this year. My birthday is still a few months away, but 22 has already proven to be one of my biggest and best. I can only imagine what the next few years will bring!

Of everything 2014/2015 has handed me, I've gotten some great lessons down pat. Here are just a handful:

  1. If you feel like you have it all together, you don't
  2. You will never feel like an adult
  3. There is no better feeling than buying a car/renting an apartment/paying a loan off b y  y o u r s e l f
  4. The best things in life aren't things (they're friends, family, and experiences)
  5. An extra hour of sleep can cure a lot of your problems
  6. Speaking of which, when in doubt, take a nap
  7. If it's late, walk with someone else to your car
  8. Your mom is the best person you'll know...or at least mine is :)
  9. Start a 401k early, just like all of those finance articles your dad sends you say so
  10. Life is much less scary if you have someone to talk to
  11. Go for boys (or girls, whatever) who love their moms
  12. If you feel stressed but don't want your roommate/boyfriend/family to know, a good cry in the shower to a depressing song from high school just feels right
  13. Just because you don't have a beau doesn't mean you'll end up alone
  14. You can handle much more than you think you can
  15. Always keep an extra travel-sized deodorant in your car (because you may need it someday, and you'll never regret having it)
  16. If you feel like staying in, then stay in, and if you feel like going out, go out
  17. If you can't choose logically, then go with your gut
  18. If you know anything about cars, know how to fix a tire, put in coolant, and check the oil
  19. Call your mom/grandma/sister/aunt, even if you don't feel like it
  20. Always moisturize
  21. Don't trust anyone who doesn't like dogs
  22. Don't stress about what other people think - if they care that much, then they don't matter
  23. Every once and a while, stand back and think "this is my life"