Wes Anderson's Bar Luce

If you've ever wondered what a cafe would look like if it were made of candy and in your dreams, now is your opportunity.

Wes Anderson recently designed a new cafe in Milan, and it seems like the internet has been fawning over the Instagrams for the past few days! I have to admit, I've watched a lot of Wes Anderson films (thanks to an Anderson-fanatic ex-boyfriend), but this cafe could rival the Grand Budapest Hotel in terms of the visual overload. I love the little details - subtle and not so subtle - to his films. The cafe isn't a drive away though, so maybe a trip to Italy should be in the works?

Glossy pinks, rich lavenders, and retro vibes, oh my! swooooooooon.

Regardless of whether or not the coffee is good (I have a feeling it is), I think I could spend an afternoon just oggling at the decor. In thick framed glasses, of course. 

Learn (and fawn) more over the cafe here

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