A week in England

And two weeks later, she's back! Hi! I want to say that this is the first time I've been able to blog since coming back to the US a week ago, but to be honest, it's not. I could have hopped back onto my laptop and tried to piece together snapshots of what I did while I visited a friend in Liverpool and traipsed around London, but my body needed a break. To be boring, the time difference got the best of me, and when evening rolled around every night I was exhausted. Luckily, I'm all caught up and ready to come back again!

So, now that we're here, where to start? I flew into Manchester last Thursday, where my friend Eveie picked me up and drove me to her hometown - a small seaside town called Southport outside of Liverpool. Eveie took me every fantastic place I could imagine, including Liverpool and the Lake District. I met her old friends, her boyfriends old friends, and spent time with her family too! I had considered blogging while I traveled, but having so much fun with friends will make you exhausted, and I would have rather had that extra time with friends while I had the chance. You understand, right?

On my first day in England we took it a bit easy, which was much appreciated since I can't sleep on planes. We did, though, go to a farm near her family's house where I saw more sheep and livestock than I had seen in years! It was so fun to roam around the English countryside!

On Saturday we took a big trip on the train to England's Lake District, and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather! After a boat tour down the lake we stopped into a little cafe for lunch, then toured a little town called Ambleside (award for most British name ever?), and moseyed (ran) back to catch the boat back to our original landing spot! We spent the night out with Eveie's home friends, drinking, laughing, and comparing British to American life.


After spending the majority of my Sunday in Liverpool watching the Liverpool Reds lose miserably to Manchester United, on Monday I took a train down to London. And all of a sudden, I was there, and it was like the two years since my last stay had never passed. London was exactly the same as I remembered, though if it isn't cliche enough, it was so different.

Since I stayed with my friend Lauren, who has lived in London since September, I got to skip the touristy spots and explore places I hadn't been before, like the Primrose Hill and Highgate parts of the city. I couldn't stop staring at the amazing views of the city!


Tuesday we spent the afternoon around Highgate, where we had tea at the BEST high tea shop! I'll write a whole post on it soon enough - the shop was small, but definitely one of the highlights of my trip!


I didn't get a typical, touristy photo with a red phone booth when I studied in London, so I couldn't pass up the chance to this time! I red-illy jumped in for the shot! (ba dum tsss!)

After spending hours walking through Highgate, my friends and I decided that we would all go in on this gorgeous pink house together. Perfect and quaint, right?

Lucky for me, my sister Katie (who is studying abroad in Rome) was able to fly up to London to visit for a few days! I was so excited to see her, and since she hadn't been to the city since high school, we took the opportunity to - quite literally - run around all of London. Over three days we went to some touristy places, like Harrods, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, Covent Garden, Liberty of London, Kensington Palace, and Oxford Street. I also made sure to show her a few of my old haunting grounds, along with Borough Market, Hyde Park, and some picturesque areas of Notting Hill.

Along with coffee dates with Lauren, Sylvia, and Amy, my week couldn't have been more perfect! I've said this for years, but I still feel like I didn't have enough time in the city. How could 10 days in England be too few?! I'm not sure how (though it will be a long time from now, I'm afraid!), but I'll definitely make it back soon!

PS - if this post seemed a little all over the place, don't worry! Posts on my fun trips and visits in more detail will come soon!