charleston weekend


Charleston is everything you'd imagine and more. Every time I head down to the Holy City I get a nugget of excitement in my pit, and every time I leave I dread hitting the highway. Chuck is especially special now that Lanie lives there full-time, and after buying a car (that can take me out of town without breaking down - woop!) I see a lot more trips to the coast in my future! I'm sending my mail's forwarding address as I type. My weekend went something like this:

Drive down in the rain - bleh
Have a hug/love sesh with Lanie recapping our lives over the past month (even though we text each other every day - duh)
Brunch with Annie, May, and Lanie at Basico including copious guac and margs because #itsfiveoclocksomewhere?
Exploring downtown, per usual
Dinner at home + Laguna Beach/movie marathon

Sullivan's island a l l  d a y - squealing every two seconds at the dogs running along the beach, lots of sunscreen, and everything a perfect beach day is made of
Crying on the way home because nowhere is as perfect as Charleston #realtalk

This weekend couldn't have been more fun! New suggestions for those who will be Charleston-bound soon! Candlefish, Basico, and Dellz.