Do something kind today (plus, I need to ask you a favor)

I've always found that when I'm in a bad mood, three things can help me get out of the funk: taking a nap, taking a shower, and doing something nice for someone else. All three make me feel like someone has pressed a reset button, and whether or not the problem goes away I see it with fresh eyes. And actually, even if I hadn't had a bad day all three of those are awesome regardless.


If you're looking for something nice to do, I'll give you an opportunity! Taylor posted about this pup a few days ago, and the story is heartbreaking and encouraging at the same time. Smokey is a puppy who was found about a year ago abandoned in a hot car by a loving family. After being taken in by his family, someone shot Smokey and he now has a pellet lodged into his spine, paralyzing him from the waist down. But there's hope! There is a fundraiser for Smokey's family to be able to afford the $5000 surgery for Smokey to regain movement in his back legs and have a happy, normal life again. I've donated, and would love if you would too! Click the button below to see his gofundme page here and learn more or donate whatever you can.

To those who are skeptics (which I could understand), think about it like this: even if the campaign weren't real, even if it were a fraud, you would be donating with kindness in your heart, and what you put into the world can eventually come back around. If you can't donate, share Smokey's story to help him get on the road to recovery!