Reasons why it's okay to not feel like blogging


I haven't blogged much (at least comparatively) over the past few weeks, and when I don't blog for three days in a row, I start to feel...antsy. I start to feel like readers are forgetting about me and I'm irrelevant and that I have nothing interesting to offer. In other words, I get a major case of the FOMOs. At first I tell myself that I'll write a blog post as soon as I finish whatever I'm doing, but then that always turns into "I'll do it tonight..." and then that turns into "I'll do it in the morning..." which means that I never write a blog post. Then in comes the guilt wave. I'm sure the bloggers reading this know exactly what I mean.

But I've been trying to remind myself it's okay to not blog for a while if 1 - I don't feel like it, 2 - I don't have anything original or interesting to say, or 3 - my time would be better spent doing things not on a computer. It's okay not to blog for a week (or two, or three!) if you don't want to. That's what I'm coming to learn - you shouldn't put pressure on yourself to do something you think you should be doing, if it really isn't something you want to do. Here are some reasons why it's okay to not feel like blogging:

One more episode of Friends sounds like more fun
So does another episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Sometimes you need to read a very important article in Porter Magazine
You need to talk to your sister
Time-sensitive mini-emergencies just happen (i.e. emergency car buying)
Work has to get done eventually
When the sun is out and it's pretty outside, you should go for a walk
If a glass of wine is in front of you, you should drink it
Making a homemade dinner > uninspired blog post
Happy hour with co-workers means having fun, drinks, and networking
Spring cleaning can make life seem much more manageable
life is meant to be lived, not only blogged about

So, long story short, I'm not sorry I haven't blogged recently, but now that I have felt somewhat inspired lately to take photos and write again, I hope to get into it more frequently. Yay! And on that note, happy Sunday!