confession: I want blonde hair

My name is Emily, and I wish I could go blonde.

With Kim Kardashian's newest hair-do (or don't?) practically wallpapered on my Twitter feed, I can't help but be reminded of my own blonde ambition. There's something so cool about being blonde, you know? Not necessarily in the "blondes have more fun" way, but in the youthful nonchalance of it. I've always secretly wondered what I would look like, secretly wished I could bleach my hair and look like I had Norwegian roots. I would be like a highlighter in the crowd, and have the courage to wear a leather jacket. Blondes look cool in leather jackets.

Over the years I've made passing jokes and said "I couldn't imagine" too many times to count, but the thought still lingers. Unfortunately, I just don't have the skin for blonde hair. I'm not Ashlee Simpson or Miley Cyrus. Realistically, I would look like a dead fish if I bleached my own hair, that is, if my hair were to stay on my head instead of pitifully falling out. Is it a sign of the times to say I wouldn't mind getting some kick ass Instagrams out of it too? #doitforthegram

So this is a word to all of you blondies: don't take it for granted. I'm secretly super jealous. But who knows, maybe someday I'll try it out, just for funsies! That, or I'll have to live vicariously through Kim Kardashian as long as I can. We'll see which one...

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