10 best ways to indulge when you get sick

best ways to indulge when you get sick

Even though I've been super excited about my upcoming trip to England, I've been fighting off the worst combination of colds and other sicknesses. First, I got a cold. Then bad headaches. Now? My wisdom teeth are deciding to make their appearance. Definitely not the way I wanted to spend the first days of spring! I've been trying to take it easy though, and give my body the time it needs to recuperate. But recuperating obviously doesn't have to be boring, so I've been taking advantage of my down time! I've been treating myself with little indulgences here and there to make the time go quickly. My favorites being...

  1. Eating all the bread and cheese. Cheesy soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese and crackers. Healthy? No, but delicious? Duh.
  2. Taking an extra hour in bed on the weekend to read up on my latest library book. I'm currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain.
  3. A little online shopping to take my mind off of the constant forehead pressure. With sales at J Crew, Gap, and Shopbop, it's not difficult.
  4. All. of. the. candles.
  5. All. of. the. bubble baths (with all of the LUSH bath bombs).
  6. Not even feeling bad for watching five episodes of Friends, then two episodes of House of Cards. Not even a little.
  7. Giving myself a full mani-pedi, complete with foot scrubs, cuticle oils, and nail shaping.
  8. Making a sick playlist. It's all pretty much variations of Bon Iver, but it's excellent.
  9. Going to bed super early. In bed by 9:00, lights out by 10:00. As someone who normally hits the pillow around midnight, those extra hours are heavenly.
  10. Dark chocolate to top off the nights, because I'm sick and I deserve it!

How do you handle being sick? Or how do you make yourself feel better?