Everlane Breton stripes

everlane stripes

Confession: I've never bought anything from Everlane, at least until last night. Blasphemy, I know! I'd heard the name thrown around too many times to count (and to be honest, I got it confused with Emerson Fry in the beginning!), but nothing had ever peaked my interest with the brand. I'd never heard about its "no middleman" concept or its transparent sourcing/pricing policy. It wasn't until I saw this pin - thanks Who What Wear! - that I was hooked. My search for the perfect striped shirt is something, I've assumed, that will never actually end, but maybe this is the end? I can only hope!

everlane stripes

I've had my eye on this classic knit for a while (actually, years), but never bit the bullet and pressed the order button since the price tag is a bit out of my range. When I saw that the new Breton tops were literally half the price, I didn't waste a second. It didn't hurt that the description says "heavyweight" fabric - my pet peeve is a perfect shirt made of too-thin fabric! The confirmation email is already in my inbox and I can't wait to see the stripes in person!

One thing that caught my eye, besides the actual merchandise? I love Everlane's Stripes: A Love Story campaign!  Members of their own team (and their significant others) were chosen to model the tops. It's so cute! You can definitely tell they had a good time on the photo shoots. Scoop yours up while you can! Apparently they're selling out fast!

Are you an Everlane fanatic? I feel like I'm just now joining the cult!

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