5 things I am good at

After reading this post from one of my favorite bloggers, I realized how much I tell myself I'm not that good at certain things. It's not to say that I constantly put myself down, but more that I forgive myself for not being great at anything and everything. Before writing this post, I would have said I have a relatively healthy view of myself and my capabilities.

But then came this post.

After reading Danielle's list of things she is good at, I realized how hard it was to even admit to myself that I am good at things, confidently, without feeling conceited. I had to remind myself that admitting your talents isn't a sign of arrogance - it's a sign of self awareness and comfort. So, in an exercise to make myself more proud of my abilities and accomplishments, without sounding arrogant or conceited, a list of five things I know I am good at:

5 things I am good at

1. Picking music for a party.

I know my party jams, and I know when they work. That's just a fact. I know when to bring in upbeat songs, slow them down, and then bring back the classics, like R Kelly's greatest party hit, "Ignition (Remix)." Always a crowd pleaser.

2. Organizing literally anything.

I shouldn't swear, but I can organize the shit out of anything. Watch me - my friends can attest. I think it started in middle school when I would go to my friend's house and help her clean her room, and she would do the same with me. Recently I helped my mom clean out her closet and we gave away 76 items of clothing. It was amaaazing.

3. Letting go of life's speed bumps.

I think this ability is something I got from my Mom, and it's also one of my best qualities. If something bad or unexpected happens, I'll get overwhelmed for a bit, then get right back to doing what needs to be done. I don't dwell on things that don't need dwelling on. Though I can't say this happens all the time and with everything, it's definitely something that has benefited me.

4. Choosing friends.

I couldn't ask for better friends than the ones I have now. It's definitely a talent that's been refined over the years, after picking some not so good apples, but I'm confident in them now. I've picked great people that I'm lucky to surround myself with. If it's true what they say about being the sum of the five people you're around most, then I'm a lucky lady.

5. Sticking to my guns on things that matter.

A long time ago I don't think I could have listed this last one, but I guess that's a benefit of getting older. Even in college, when I wanted a job or to study abroad, I went for it. If something went wrong, I fixed it. If there was an obstacle, I figured out a way. After leaving London in 2013 I told myself that, somehow, I would get back to the city by 2015. Yes, I could have spent the money on car repairs or put it aside for saving, but going back to London was, and is, important. I saved for a long time. I still (for now) live with my parents just so that I can afford it. Has it been hard? Of course. Is it worth it? Without a doubt.

So that got a bit deep there towards the end, but it was so rewarding! I asked a friend about things that I'm good at, and even he brought up things I would have never considered. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but admitting to yourself that you are good and smart and talented can be somewhat liberating!

And on that note, you should definitely try naming 5 things that you are good at. I bet you can do more than you think!

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