A rose for you

floral hair pin // floral toner // in love flower exlir // lip balm //  floral scarf
nail polish // diptyque candle //  rose thorn earrings // floral cami // rose & blue form

In the debate of flowers vs chocolates, I would definitely consider myself more on team flowers. Yes, chocolates are great (and to be honest, both together is perfect), but you can't just pick up pretty flowers at CVS or the gas station. Flowers, pretty flowers, require some thought about the person you're giving them to. Does she like classic roses or fun peonies? Does she want a wild bouquet or an orderly bunch of tulips?

I don't have a beau this Valentine's Day, and I don't really think big gifts are necessary for the holiday, but I wouldn't say no to any of the floral presents above. Because what's Valentine's Day without a little surprise?