A Charleston photo diary

In case I've ever left any inclination in your mind that Charleston is not one of the best cities on earth, let me make it clear - Charleston is one of the best cities ever. Additionally, sharing the city with one of your best friends is even better! Last weekend I drove the two hours down to Charleston to visit with Lanie, and though I had only a bit over 24 hours to spend, we packed as much in as we could!


Very Emily and Lanie-style, we met up with our friend Gillian for coffee at St. Alban, a new coffee shop in town that's super quaint and very cool. It was so fun to catch up with Gillian, who I hadn't seen in months, not to mention Lanie, who I hadn't seen since NOVEMBER.

Not pictured, but I got an almond milk latte and it was delicious.

st alban charleston

After gabbing in St Alban for hours, Gillian went on her way and Lanie and I stopped for lunch at Lee Lee's Hot Kitchen, which Lanie had been dying to try. When we got to the restaurant its bright interiors were a bit much for me, but as we started talking (and got more awake, to be honest) it became much more crowded and lively. I ordered the kale salad with chicken and it was fantastic! I'd definitely recommend!

For the afternoon we did the usual - strolled around South of Broad, oggling at the houses we can't afford, the flowers that are still blooming, and enjoying the sunshine. It was still cold though, so we didn't meander for too long.

We wouldn't be ourselves if we hadn't stopped into a few stores to window shop, of course. And we wouldn't window shop without buying something. Lanie bought this ring (on major sale!), and I wish they had had another because I would have picked one up for myself! See below, Lanie in her natural environment.

As a Clemson grad, Lanie has a fascination with this door. It's beautiful, but made me feel like I was cheating on my own school. I took a photo and moved on.

We also took a break while walking the streets like hoodlums and took outfit photos for Lanie's blog. We. had. a. blast! Really, no one should trust us with cameras and unlimited freedom (i.e. no one else around to tell us to grow up). Check out some of the photos here!

As the day winded down we made it back to Mt Pleasant, where we booked it over to Triangle Char & Bar in Mount Pleasant. I ordered a margarita (surprise) and the best black bean burger I've ever had! Note: when you're with Lanie, go to whatever restaurants she says. Girl has a gift. Remind me again why I don't live in Charleston?